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Our service is performed as quickly as possible so as not to interfere with your normal daily life. Therefore, we will send a qualified team, according to the volume of work. With one cleaning we will bring freshness and peace to your home, so that dust particles and bacteria do not float, which could be dangerous for the health of young and old. In short, we will contribute to a new life in your living space. 

We will clean almost imperceptibly, because we will throw everything away. In addition, you will get a completely clean upholstery that will dry very quickly so that it can be used by you very soon. 

We use modern equipment, environmentally friendly cleaners and professional equipment of the highest class to achieve maximum efficiency in every home and office. Our service is characterized by high aggression, which means that we can deal with a variety of stubborn and dry stains that are on the furniture and irritate you. 

Best prices for upholstery cleaning services

It is difficult to find a room without furniture. They give completeness, charm in the interior, convenience and comfort of guests, homeowners, etc. The furniture area is usually a desirable place to relax after a long day’s work. Whether the furniture is used by one person, has children or pets or invites frequent guests, it collects dust, dirt, germs, crumbs and stains. The good news is that all this can be eliminated in one fell swoop if you bet on quality professional furniture cleaning.

Even if there is no visible dirt on the furniture, you can actually be sure that huge amounts of dust and various parasites can be imported from the carpet and from entering with the clothes you walk outside. If you think that your furniture does not need serious cleaning, then the detergents will refresh and aromatize your home well. In both cases, the benefits of cleaning are many – for you, your health and that of the whole family. Consider regular cleaning if you have a member in your home with serious respiratory problems or illness. 

We can provide you with safe living in all rooms with regular refreshment or professional deep cleaning of the upholstery. Be responsible for everyone’s health and extend the service life of your furniture. 

Tested and proven results

Each method goes through different tests until the effectiveness with which it works is proven. Otherwise, we would not leave things to chance, because we hold on to your trust and loyalty to us. We commissioned an independent laboratory to test the efficiency and health factor of our work processes, and in particular the extraction with hot water. 

The conclusion is that this technology removes over 95% of the available household allergens and dust packed in the upholstery. Removes existing dandruff from pets, mites, allergens and others. In combination with a disinfectant, up to 89% of the bacteria that spread in the home are removed. 

Do not hesitate to contact us! We work only with proven methods that guarantee high results and safety for the type of your furniture.

Cleaning methods

We apply only proven methods in the field of cleaning. As for the furniture, they do not differ much – steam cleaning and dry washing. We choose the most suitable one, according to the type of fabric. When it is possible to apply both cleaning methods, the choice remains in your hands, with advice from us. 

Our team has the necessary qualifications and experience to assess which would be more useful for your furniture. We treat all types of fabrics, including leather, which requires very special attention.

We can boast of excellent results and thousands of satisfied customers after our visit. Trust us and you will not regret it! You can call us almost any time to make an appointment.

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Why choose us?

  • We accept orders in a wide area so that we can serve more customers.
  • We are professionals in the field and provide high quality services for upholstery cleaning and others.
  • We are familiar with the latest technologies in the field of cleaning services and apply them.
  • We have the highest class professional machines and equipment that are on the market.
  • We work only environmentally friendly products.
  • We have flexible working hours because we are aware of your employment.
  • We make discounts for loyal customers.
  • We aim to save you time and effort by providing you peace of mind for the cleanliness of your upholstery.
  • We work on affordable and fixed prices, no hidden fees and commissions.
  • Our employees are qualified, experienced and with a very pleasant sense of humor.
  • We will respond as soon as possible.
  • Disposal of garbage is our task.

Before resorting to self-cleaning of furniture, consider whether the professional is not more sparing and with a bigger guarantee. Do not risk ruining your upholstered furniture, because it will cost you more. 

Contact us by calling us now, or use our contact form to specify all conditions, day and time for cleaning. Our friendly staff will give you detailed information and prepare the best offer. We work according to your requirements, preferences and free time.

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