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Every moving in a new home is difficult and tiring, so let us at least help you with quality cleaning of your new home. And it will welcome you with shine and fresh fragrance. If you are moving out, the situation is the same. After the tiring packing process of your entire luggage, you can save at least cleaning efforts on the premises. Chaos after such a great event can suppress you, but don’t despair. Just contact us and we will help you. We have professional equipment and quality products that will eliminate all dirt, stains and damage. We believe you will become one of our many satisfied customers.

Whenever customers require end of tenancy cleaning West Midlands is where we have been operating for quite some time to offer exceptional service and superb cleaning solutions. Many tenants fear losing lump sums while moving out as landlords are sure to make careful inspections before vacating the premises. Landlords are always suspicious of tenants having ridiculous habits, not having cleaned properly, and having caused damages that will have a significant financial consequence. Not only this but moving out can be a stressful experience that requires careful planning over a relatively short period of time. At Lang Associates Business we can help with post- and pre-move cleaning and can quickly tackle any mess while you are busy sorting out the logistics of your move.

Planning for the Moving Day

Relocating can be quite stressful, especially if you are running short of time. You are probably busy checking for and assessing any existing damages, hiring a moving company, organizing and de-cluttering, and buying items for your new place. Before handing over the keys to your landlord or letting agent, you will need to fill in the change of address form, change or cancel any subscriptions that you have, transfer medical and school records, and schedule utility shut off. On top of all this, you need to give the place a thorough clean to get your tenancy deposit back. We are perfectly aware how stressful moving out can be and can help you leave the house in a top shape. Our technicians offer end of tenancy cleaning in West Midlands and cover all areas on a daily basis to help customers shape their property perfectly and leave it looking utterly immaculate

How We Can Help

Our local cleaners are experienced and fully prepared to handle all tasks around your house and put you at ease while moving out. They know that little details matter and will make every effort to ensure that your space is superbly clean. Our cleaners will help you to deal with accumulated dirt, dust, and grime, not missing even a speck of dust. They will put in extra effort to clean high-traffic areas and most common used rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. Whenever looking for end of tenancy cleaning West Midlands based customers can truly rely on our professional cleaning service, and we will accommodate any specific requirements that they may have. Our technicians are skilled, vetted, and handpicked and always keep attention to detail. They are reliable, thorough, and efficient and will go above and beyond to help you exit the rental without having to worry about the state of cleanliness of your home. We take pride in delivering work to the highest standard and strive to ensure that landlords and letting agents are 100 percent satisfied with the level of cleaning and look of your house.

Some people prefer to do this kind of service by self, but you have to know that this is really something hard. That is why we recommend professional cleaning company for great results.

When moving out and into a new home, there are a lot of details and extra little things to pay attention to beyond normal cleaning. Your landlord will be expecting a thorough clean so that a new tenant can take over
Once the lease agreement has ended, tenants have the responsibility to leave the property in the same condition it was when they moved in.The tenancy cleaning is a special service and the cleaners must strictly follow the professional end of tenancy cleaning checklist.  

Our comprehensive end of lease cleaning service guarantee your peace of mind with your deposit. Your property will be cleaned to the highest possible standards. We are proud to offer the best ratio between price and quality. Our customers are number one priority. With many happy customers we have the right experience to do the things perfectly.

Move out/in cleaning service is very important task for both sides- tenants and landlords. The property must pass the checkout and if there are some problems, they must be sorted out.

We can handle any job and task. Regardless of the amount of cleaning required, our professional cleaners will work until it’s done to please your landlord. Lang Associates Business promise to do the best possible job for you to get your deposit back for sure.

Let us to deal with this and you just relax and enjoy your life.


Landlords always check whether furnishings are dirty and unkempt. All furnishings must be vacuumed and cleaned with care, including the sofa, chairs, tables, and worktop surfaces. Our cleaners will wipe down all wooden parts and units and will vacuum underneath all furnishings. They will treat oil stains, remove marks and fingerprints, and polish all countertops and wooden tables. We will also clean all shelves, cupboards, and drawers and will wipe around and disinfect the handles.

Benefits of End of Tenancy Cleaning

Tenants who use professional cleaning services benefit in many ways, one being high-quality service by fully trained staff that can tackle any situation. At Lang Associates Business we also use specialised equipment and tools and follow the latest developments and trends in the industry.

We have invested into finding quality, high-performance equipment and supplies to handle any task and leave your home as clean as it can possibly be. We use professional vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, sweepers, and pressure washers to eliminate dirt and difficult stains. Our vacuum cleaners have advanced functionalities that allow us to clean hard-to-reach areas and eliminate dirt from hard and carpeted floors. The fact that we use machines that incur low maintenance means that we are able to offer the best cleaning prices in town. Our customers save money, time, energy, and effort while enjoying timely service, efficiency, and superb results. As our customer, you are sure to leave a good impression on your landlord, with spotless clean bathrooms, dust-free lighting fixtures, and stain-free walls and worktop surfaces.

Everything about your basic cleaning – in a single place.

Contact us now and get professional and express help. We are at your disposal providing you the following services: cleaning of domestic carpets, cleaning of upholstery fabrics and mattresses, washing of different types of curtains, spring cleaning, duvets and bedding. Do not waste too much time and effort and contact us – we’ll do everything from “A” to “Y”. Perhaps the questions you have are mostly related to the price. “How much will this basic cleaning cost?” Or “How much money does the carpet cleaning in the kid’s room cost.” Don’t worry. Choose one of the ways to contact us – the booking end of tenancy cleaning form is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can send us an email and call by phone or you can also visit us in our office.

We will provide you a clear guidance on how to do the upcoming basic cleaning, how to save time and money, but to be satisfied in the end. Take care of yourself and we will take care of your comfort, convenience and cleanliness in the office or home. Make a gift to yourself or make one to your friends or relatives– what else could fix the friendship between two women as a prepaid basic cleaning service?

How to order one of our services?

Quite simple. If you would like to order a basic cleaning service, please contact us and if you explain what exactly you need, we will give you a competitive price and short deadlines.

If you want to order cleaning of the upholstery or mattresses, the procedure is the same. Specify whether you will deliver them to us or we should come to get them from your home. Perhaps it will have to be cleaned on-the-spot or you will need to provide transportation to our premises.

Then you should specify the number and type of furniture that need to be cleaned. This is an important step, as we rely on it to form the final price. Whatever you want, you’ll get it – in an express and professional way.

You can always contact us for advice or help – we will do our best when the point is satisfaction of our clients’ needs. We manage to reach your heart by taking care of the atmosphere in your home.

If a basic cleaning knocks on the door, if your upholstery needs refreshment, contact us. Do not waste time and do not wander – we are at your fingertips!

We are expecting you!

Cleaningsure End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist


Living room


Entrance Hall, Stairs and Hallway

Why to choose Lang Associates Business?

We work closely with many landlords and real estate agencies. We strive to monitor the entire cleaning process in every aspect. Our main priority is the high standard of cleaning. With our end of tenancy cleaning cleaners you will save your time, nerves and problems around your preference smooth move out/in. That is why Lang Associates Business must be your end of tenancy cleaning choose. Because the most important thing to us is the end result. Whether you are a landlord who wants to buy, rent or sell a home or you are a tenant who wants to get your deposit back, we are what you need

We do re- clean always when the client is not happy for some reason.

Save your time

We make it easy

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices



Bedroom in House Share
from £95
Studio Flat
from £125
One Bedroom Property
from £155
Two Bedroom Property
from £195
Three Bedroom Property
from £245
Four Bedroom Property
from £335
Five Bedroom Property
from £ 395

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A: End of tenancy cleaning is a special service, which include the cleaning of absolutely everything in the property. It is much, much deeper than usual regular domestic and spring cleaning. The service must be done to the highest standards.

Q: Do you clean the oven during with your End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A: Yes, we clean the oven. We use really strong professional preparts for the perfect clean. No matter of the size- we will do all the best for an perfect results.

Q: Do you clean the fridge during the End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A: Yes we clean the fridge/freezer. It must be empty and defrost. For better results, we recommend that to be happend at least 24 hours before the cleaning service.

Q: What is your working time?

A: You can contact us 24 hours/7 days a week. It could be by phone, booking form or email. Once, we have your enquiry we will get in touch with you shortly with free quote.

Q: Do you provide the cleaning materials for End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A: Yes, our teams will bring all the cleaning equipment need it for the best end of tenancy clean. We use only professional products and machines.

Q: Is it including the carpet cleaning in your price for an End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A: There is additional charge for carpet cleaning, but it will be included in your quote.

Q: Do you clean the windows?

A: We clean the windows only inside in the property.

Q: Do you guarantee deposit back with End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A: Yes. Our priority is the customer satisfaction. That is why you have to be 100% sure, that you will take your deposit back.

Q: Do you offer re-clean if the landlord or estate agency is not happy with the result by the End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

A: Yes, we do re-clean free of charge, if there is something missed during the cleaning service.

Q: How long the End Of Tenancy Cleaning will take?

A: It depends of the condition on the property. Also sometimes the service could be made by one person, team of two, three and etc. But normally it will take for small size property 4-5 hours and 8-10 for bigger.

Q: Do i have to pay for parking?

A: Normally, most of the clients have parking space or provide visitor permit badge for the End Of Tenancy Cleaning team. If this is not possible, there is small additional charge.

Q: Do i have to be in the property during the End Of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

A: No. We need just access to the property. There is two options- someone to be at the property, when we arrive, or another option is to arrange key collection. After the end of the End Of Tenancy Cleaning we can post the key thru the letterbox.

Q: Is your price for End Of Tenancy Cleaning include VAT?

A: Our quote is a final price.

Q: Do you clean the walls?

A: No, we don’t recommend cleaning of the walls from stains, because this could damage them. We remove the dust and cobweb.

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